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Caleb Music Group offers experienced management specializing in artist development. An artist's ministry, education, and career should be invested in. We create a precedent for our artists by going on the road with them and providing all of the necessary promotional materials. An artist can expect to learn what deals to consider, how to make the most of their money, and how to generate residual income from just a few songs so that one day we build a platform where artists are comfortable living on their music.


Today, our managers create leading marketing strategies for our artists in an on-demand market. Music delivery has been transformed significantly since 2008, giving fans instantaneous access to all their favorite content. Continually adapting as well as having consistent publicity, including visual aids, biographical content and other types of exposure is necessary for artists to see any profit from their work. We have cultivated local and international resources that artists can manage to access to learn the fundamentals of personal branding from our digital marketing experts and PR specialists.


Artists at CMG have the opportunity to show what they are capable of and what makes them unique. Getting to know our artists and introducing them to the key players and influencers in that niche is what we pride ourselves on - we cultivate the best product an artist can offer, identify the niche the artist is most suitable for, and then make contact with those key players and influencers. Investing time into a specific niche allows our artists to become key players in the market and request artists for different ministries, businesses, and organizations.

Studio Partner
Hideout Recording Studios - Las
Hideout Studios - Las Vegas, NV.
Studio Partner
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WirlWide Entertainment - Atlanta, GA.
Studio Partner
Clear Tracks Studios - Clearwater, FL.