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Darria Onry, better known as, Yung Praise or "YP", is an Upcoming Urban Inspirational Gospel Recording Artist, Writer, Versatile Dancer, and Motivational Speaker. These gifts have allowed him to express himself in a unique manner that uplifts God on a High Energy Level that Stuns people when he performs, Whether it be in Dance or Song.


This 28 Year Old Young Man Was born and raised in South Memphis, TN. He grew up in mostly the rough areas like "Riverside" and Dixie Holmes "DHG" but is Known All over Memphis for his Talents and Criminal Activities he Took place in while running with A Gang Organization Known As "GD". He also struggled with his mom having to move from place to place to Keep A Shelter over him and his Sister's heads.

At the Age Of 22, Mr. Onry violated a Probation Felony With Felony and Served 2 years in a 5 Year sentence. During those 2 years, Yung Praise experienced A Deep Heart For God And His People As He Was Able To Spend Quality Time Reevaluating His Life, especially for being A Better Man For His 3 Amazingly Beautiful children (Aniyah 6, Darria jr. 4, and Kaiden 2). There, at Shelby County Penal Form, He Started Taking His Love For Music And Song and using It To Give Life To The Inmates as Well As The Guards and Counselors! In prison, he became well known for Bringing Life To The Facility Through Gospel Rap!

He Now Pursues It Full Throttle Locally in Memphis, TN and All Across The Country Reaching The Lost and The Youth Right Where They Are. He's Also Known for Bringing The UNCUT Gospel to Secular Events And Clubs! Yung Praise Is Brave, Bold, Ambitious, and Highly Anointed to Set The Atmosphere and Set The Captives Free! He's On A Mission and Won't Stop Until He Reaches Every SOUL That He's Entitled To!!! There's So Much More Are About To Take Place Through This Amazing Young Man By The Name Of "Yung Praise"...... FOLLOW HIM AS HE FOLLOWS CHRIST!



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