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Tampa Bay-based rapper Petey, the Disciple, is a recording artist, songwriter, host, father, and husband who is all about spreading hope, unity, and being transparent through his life struggles. 

Working on his new project "Mustard Seeds for Mountains" he has released the first of his singles. "Tell Me Sumthin IDK" which was produced by one of Christian Hip Hop's top producers Halo Hitz and Room A419 which is a song close to the heart of Petey as it invites the audience into the pains of the artists life dealing with his faith being tested over his newborn son had to fight for his life. Overall his new project is a mix of life experiences, highs, and lows, current events, painful memories as well as high energy flows. 

Petey doesn't have many, but there are a few artists he has been inspired by and that have helped to shape his creativity like Soulja Slim, BG, Boosie, Mystical, Field Mob, Trick Daddy, and T-Pain. Growing up he was sheltered from most hip-hop other than what was on the radio and the local music video station which played everything from Kirk Franklin's Stomp, Dru Hill, Lil Zane, Da Brat and Ja Rule to name a few. Not much of a hip-hop arsenal at all. He was being raised by a grandmother from the hood that worked her fingers to the bone.  Sports, the Boys and Girls Club, and anime like Dragon Ball Z were the only outlets young Petey could be involved with to keep him busy and out of trouble. It wasn't until he moved with his mom around the age of 14 that he was exposed to music like BG and Soulja Slim while running the streets. The New Orleans movement and high energy flows of artists like Petey Pablo are what attracted Petey to have a desire to make music as much of his younger counterparts were into doing back in those days.

Realizing that the life and ideologies he was being fed through the music from most of his favorite artist were nothing more than smoke screens, manipulations, and skewed principles that broke down people rather than build them up and give them an actual image of hope. He began to dig deeper into his faith, life, and purpose as he began to veer off from the norms of his peers. It wasn't until a group of young Christian Rappers had come to a youth event he was invited that he found hope and inspiration in music again and what it could do for the listener. 

Now upon the fifth year of his Christian Hip Hop journey, he has had the pleasure of opening up for some of the biggest names in the genre like NF, Canon, Canton Jones, This and Young Noah. He has also traveled throughout the country with the various artist he has connected with over the years on the Tampa underground CHH scene and is a host of a Christian Night Club in Tampa called Expressions. 

Petey has a mission to get people to see themselves beyond where their trials and tribulations may have led them in their life. His hope is for not only the youth but adults as well who listen to his music not be products of their pain nor adverse environments, whatever that may look like to the individual. Stay tuned kinfolk... 

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