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Brandon grew up in the city of New Orleans were seeing multiple murders on the early morning news was the norm.  At the young age of six, his dad recorded him on his tape recorder rapping the song, “It Ain’t where you from” by Joe Blakk. This seemingly innocent moment would catalyze Brandon wanting to create his own Hip Hop tunes.

Some of the biggest musical influences on Brandon’s early life were: Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Nas, and Andre 3000. However, chasing his dream of being a Hip Hop superstar would prove to be costly. A former honor roll student, Brandon eventually found himself swimming in a cesspool of drugs and alcohol. He and his closest friends would travel the southern region of the U.S.A performing at house shows, clubs, and venues high on marijuana, liquor, and ecstasy pills. Having witnessed shoot outs and other run-ins with the law, Brandon knew he had to turn his life around.

 In the summer of 2007, Brandon had recently befriended a music producer; while working on a collaboration, a mutual acquaintance mentioned a DVD entitled, “The Truth Behind Hip Hop.” Brandon watched the DVD and vowed to stop making music that glorified the life of sin. His first written and released song after committing himself to Christ was ironically titled “All About Me”—a satirical number that poked fun at man’s selfish ways. Brandon’s new Christ-centered music denounced the very life he once loved. Artists like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Flame and The Truth were now in heavy rotation in his speakers. However, his favorite rapper is a man he refers to as his “Big Brother in the Faith” is Leonard “The Oracle” Woodard.

Brandon hopes to reach the lost and edify the body of Christ with his music. While he doesn’t believe every song should explicitly mention “Jesus” by name, he thinks the message of the cross should never be compromised. Brandon feels his creativity should be innovative. He makes love songs for his wife and even company jingles for businesses. Brandon also believes, “At the end of the day, we plant seed and water; God brings the increase” so we don’t all have the same job specifications, but we do share the same goal as believers.


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