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C&J Music Ministries Publishing

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Music publishers ensure that composers and songwriters receive compensation when their work is used commercially. In a publishing agreement, a composer or songwriter transfers the copyright of their work to a music publisher. To return, the music publisher assists in finding the licensees, promotes the songs to recording artists and film and television companies, and licenses the music. Royalties are collected and distributed to songwriters. In addition, they handle ownership issues and copyright registration for artists. Music publishers receive a royalty percentage for their work, which may vary depending on the type of royalty.  

CMG Publishing offers artists full-service publishing and resources to meet their needs. Besides offering workshops, seminars, and a wide range of other services, CMG also features an award-winning recording team consisting of artists, producers, engineers, advisors, etc. With years of experience in both the music industry and business, CMG has been able to build a solid foundation.

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