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About CMG


We provide Christian artist management and artist resources through Caleb Music Group, Inc. CMG's mission is to spread the gospel through a variety of artists and musical outlets. We are driven by faith and fervently desire to spread the word. In order to provide a nurturing environment for our artists and further their ministry, we are guided by the principles of integrity and experience. Our collective strives to pursue God's promises by positioning our artists and their gifts in a manner that expresses their God-given purpose.



By cultivating and collaborating with our artists, we encourage their spiritual growth and enable them to become more effective instruments of ministry by utilizing their divine gifts. Our goal is to be hands-on with the creative process, as well as conduct primary day-to-day affairs related to the press, publishing, and royalty collection.



In our mission, we believe that music can be an instrument to build and enrich the kingdom of God.



Caleb Mitchell founded CMG, which offers management, booking, and marketing services for new artists. As a result of this structure, we are able to meet the publishing and copyright needs of each artist. Additionally, we provide community workshops and seminars, as well as high school artist development programs for young and aspiring artists who are interested in learning about developing a brand.


Caleb has gained a great deal of experience over the years. Even though he has been in the music business for so long, he continues to prove it to many artists. Among his many accomplishments, he has met, sung with, and worked with artists with a wide range of talent, such as The Winans (The Brothers), Nick Coetzee (Integrity Records), Morris Chapman, John Pee Kee, The Thompson Community Singers, Beverly Crawford, Byron Cage, Timothy Wright, Jay Moss, The Clark Sisters, Vickie Winans, Michael Winans, and Family, Francine Jones, Sons Of Levi, Wirlie Morris We aim to “Take the World to a Higher Place” through the ministry of music. His blessings are a testament to what his ministry and company can accomplish for people as a result of steadfast prayer and commitment to God's plan for his life.

Caleb Mitchell, Founder/CEO
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